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Tissue & Bone Engineering

Improving Chances for Successful Dental Implant Placement

With the new advent of tissue and bone engineering technology coming into practical application, Piney Point Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery utilizes this technology with great success in multiple surgical applications. With this technology, the surgeons have been able to grow bone and tissue in severe defects to augment areas that would often require multiple surgeries to accomplish. With advances in tissue engineering technology, we can now add the benefits of molecular and biological factors to enhance the healing process, bone and soft tissue regeneration, and ultimately the outcome.

Here are the key tissue engineering techniques used in maxillofacial surgery and Implant surgery:

Benefits of Tissue & Bone Engineering Technology

For maxillofacial surgery, loss of bone or tissue in the face can occur from a multiple etiology including trauma, infection, pathology, etc. The use of evolving technology in surgical techniques and tissue and bone engineering are an exciting area in which new developments greatly increase the capability of tissue and bone augmentation and have reduced morbidity and complications from donor sites.

For dental implant surgery, bone and gum tissue loss, whether due to trauma or gum disease, has long been a limiting factor for patients seeking dental implants to replace their teeth. In such patients, bone grafting techniques allow us to restore missing or defective jaw bone and create sufficient foundation necessary for strong and long-lasting dental implant- supported teeth. Bone grafting procedures performed on a daily basis include extraction site bone grafting, onlay bone grafting, and sinus lift bone grafting.

Our key challenges in today’s surgical success are primarily the speed, aesthetics, and the stability of our treatments in the long term. Tissue engineering and regeneration technology is an exciting and evolving science that helps us face such challenges with great promising results.