Corrective Orthodontic Surgery for Children & Adults – Houston, TX

Creating Proper Alignment
& Beautiful Smiles

Just as orthodontic treatment straightens your teeth for a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing smile, corrective orthodontic surgery for children and adults in Houston, TX aids in the preparation and maintenance of the jaw. This helps to ensure an optimal outcome for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, promoting more desirable results and overall oral health for the patient.

Dramatic Before & After Cases

Extraction of Primary and/or Permanent Teeth

Woman holding an extracted tooth

If primary teeth are preventing or negatively affecting the proper eruption of permanent teeth, the offending teeth may be recommended for removal. Permanent premolars may be extracted in patients who are at risk for impaction of molars or canines.

Corrective Surgery of the Jaw

Closeup of smile before corrective jaw surgery

While orthodontic braces can properly align the teeth, a patient’s bite (the way the jaws fit together) may need correction via a surgical procedure in order to promote the efficacy of orthodontia.

Exposure of Canines

Animated smile with impacted tooth

The delayed or failed eruption of canine teeth can complicate orthodontic treatment. The canines are exposed, so brackets can be placed, gradually drawing the tooth down into a position of full eruption.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Model of dental implant supported dental crown

If the existence of wisdom teeth – erupted, impacted, or otherwise – negatively affects dentition, your orthodontist may recommend extraction to reduce crowding and related problems.

Tooth Replacement

Woman looking rather smile after tooth replacement

In situations in which a missing tooth is not replaced and remaining teeth begin to shift, a dental implant may be recommended in order to restore proper balance and alignment before orthodontic treatment begins.

Anchorage Devices

Man with an anchorage device sharing his smile

In some cases, orthodontic anchors are needed to better align the teeth during treatment. They are relatively simple to place and can dramatically improve the orthodontist’s control of the bite.

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