Dental Implant Patient Success Stories – Houston, TX

Hear About Real Patients’ Experiences

Seeing the positive impact the best dentistry can have on the lives of others is incredibly rewarding. It is what drives us. We are humbled by the trust and confidence people place in our hands, and we love to share their stories. Please take a minute to learn more about how an amazing, healthy smile can transform your life. If we could help these wonderful folks, we may be able to help you.

Patrick’s Story

Patrick was originally referred by his general dentist. At the time, he was debating on getting veneers to improve his smile. Dr. Koo told him he had great natural teeth, but they were hiding behind his gums. Piney Point Oral Surgeons suggested crown lengthening instead. Patrick is very happy with the results.

Mathew’s Story

Mathew came to Piney Point OMS about a year ago seeking help for a chronic issue he'd been facing which would impact him more as he got older. He was born with a severe under bite and wore braces for years, but they were not enough. Dr. Koo and his team recommended lower jaw surgery. Mathew is very pleased with the results and appreciative that they took the time to ensure everything looked right clinically but also for Mathew's desires for his smile. As a substitute teacher, Mathew relies on his smile to ensure his students and their parents they are in good hands with a good role model. Giving him the confidence to smile means everything.

Nesrine’s Story

Without a doubt, there is a direct connection between your oral health and your overall health. At the same time, we rarely get involved in life-threatening situations. In the case of Nesrine, we had to help her win two battles. First, Dr. Koo rid her body of a terrible, aggressive tumor that consumed half her jaw and placed a series of dental implants. Second, Dr. Klimowski restored the beauty and function of her smile by creating a set of dentures anchored to these implants. Our success enabled her to have the confidence she needs to live a happy, productive life as an attorney and mother of two, young children. Watch as Nesrine talks about her journey.

Kendall’s Story

In his 20s, Kendall was in an auto accident that proved to be devastating for his smile. Since the car wreck, Kendall has struggled with numerous oral health issues, including bone tissue deterioration, dental discoloration, and tooth loss. When Kendall made the choice to visit our team, we knew we had to help him restore a smile he was proud to share. Kendall decided to move forward with a dental implant supported denture procedure called All-on-5. This treatment allows us to maximize the naturally denser parts of the jaw to quickly, and comfortably recreate lost tooth structures. With just a few days of recovery and minimum discomfort, he said he was able to chew, speak, and smile confidently again. After treatment, Kendall said he felt like he was twenty years old again, and that’s an amazing gift we were able to provide.

Grant’s Story

When he first came to the Piney Point Dental Implant Center, Grant suffered from numerous damaged teeth and had even lost a tooth in the upper arch. Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Koo – who he regards as “probably one of the best surgeons in the city” – Grant was pleasantly surprised at how easily the entire process came together while he was getting his dental implants. He felt completely comfortable throughout his treatment, and today he can enjoy a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Jason’s Story

Jason initially came to Dr. Koo’s oral surgery office for a wisdom tooth extraction. In the past, he’d been told by other dentists that he had a strangely large amount of bone in the bottom of his jaw, which could possibly contribute to sleep apnea. We let him know that we could handle the surgical removal of this bone, which would help alleviate his need for frustrating CPAP use. The surgery and his recovery went very smoothly, and he was finally able to sleep comfortably without the machine! Today, he’s grateful for how thoroughly and transparently our team explained the procedure to him so that he felt confident in moving forward.