Thomas M. Weil, D.D.S
Steve L. Koo, D.D.S
Diplomats of the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

Patient Testimonials

How would you respond if someone asked you whether you would recommend Piney Point Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery?

"Unequivocally Yes!"

What would you say to others who are considering dental implants but who are concerned that they may not be worth the cost?

Implants are a dental miracle and should be the first option. For those who can’t afford, recommend dental insurance include appreciable part of costs.

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Dr. Koo worked as closely and well with Dr. Gittleman who recommended him. It was a difficult procedure but everything is working great.

“My dentist recommended them ( Piney Point OMS), and when I called 6 different places, Piney Point had the best customer service on the phone which is why I choose them for my wisdom teeth removal. When I had my wisdom teeth removed, Dr. Koo was very nice. He covered the needle from being shown to me and he has great nurses who helped me reduce my anxiety with the needles. The staff is friendly which is very encouraging for me. Overall, my wisdom teeth was removed by Dr. Koo and he did a great job. I like that he took time to answer all my questions, as well as to help my concerns.”

Harjot K.

“I would recommend Piney Point OMS and would recommend my friends and family to Piney Point OMS.”

K. Mueller

“ After checking into four local offices, Piney Point OMS definitely wins in my popularity contest. AND Dr. Koo was kind enough to answer all of my many questions without becoming inpatient or exasperated ! He understood that my need to get educated on the procedure was paramount on my decision to give him my business.”

D. Perez

"I was referred to Piney Point Oral to have my daughter's wisdom teeth removed. My daughter was delighted to find everyone was "awesome" as she puts it. The staff made us feel at ease from the moment we approached the front desk to the walk to my car after."

"I called with questions 3 days after and was treated as though I was still in the office."

"What an amazing experience for me and my daughter coming from a dentist practice. I highly recommend Dr. Weil for your oral surgery."