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July 3, 2013

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At Piney Point OMS, our surgeons specialize in the management of various complications related to their dental implant treatments. Such complications can have a significant negative impact on the patients’ lives and their hopes of by causing them a multitude of bad experiences which include: less confidence, less money, and less bone. These patients often have had their poor experiences as traumatic, frustrating, painful, and difficult, leaving them less trusting for the next doctor.

implant_complicationsComplications noted among these patients include failed implants, infection, poor cosmetic results, uncomfortable bites, food impaction, and other functional problems that lead to more issues like TMJ issues, as well as pain issues. While unforeseen events can happen during any dental treatment, the majority of dental implant complications are completely preventable with proper diagnostics, planning, deep understanding of biology, a team approach, properly trained doctors, and an appropriate execution of the treatment. Most complications may be linked to specific known causes. Of which the most common is the lack of experience of the doctor/dentist. According to a recent study, at least 10% or higher number of implants failed when clinicians had less than five years of experience in the field. Implants were also twice as likely to fail if the surgeon had performed less than 50 implants in his career.  These results highlight the importance of experience when it comes to successful outcomes for dental implants.

At Piney Point OMS, we specialize to find solutions and the right path that can lead them to their originally intended outcomes. The first step in helping patients with a history of complications is to understand their perspective, feelings, and the psychological, physical, and financial effects they have experienced. Based on this information, our surgeons look at previous treatments with an eye to fact gathering.

Next, a series of diagnostic studies to understand their current condition, health of remaining teeth, and state of their bone and soft tissue structures are performed by our surgeons. Factors such as amount of bone, amount of gingiva, smile design, cosmetic appearance, symmetry, color and occlusion are taken into consideration.

Finally, together as a team, our surgeons formulate solutions that can resolve the complications and guide patients to achieve their desired results. We discuss possible treatment strategies, limitations, and a timeline that can overcome many obstacles that can prevent a successful result. However, it is always much more difficult in fixing an pre-existing condition rather than to start with good healthy beginnings.  At Piney Point OMS, we strive for perfection even for difficult cases .

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