What Are My Sedation Options for Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

April 1, 2017

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relaxing through wisdom tooth extraction If you have wisdom teeth, you’re probably thinking there’s nothing very “wise” about them. There is rarely enough room for the teeth to emerge properly, and impaction or infection are likely to occur. Don’t panic if you need to have wisdom tooth extraction — at Piney Point Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, we offer comforting sedation dentistry to help you receive the care you need without any pain. With a combination of local anesthesia and IV sedation or general anesthesia, wisdom tooth extraction is nothing to fear.

Relax Through Your Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Most wisdom teeth are extracted surgically, meaning we open up the gums and remove the tooth in multiple pieces. At Piney Point OMS, we are experts in performing wisdom teeth extractions. With the combination of our expert approach and relaxing sedation, we promise you won’t feel a thing throughout the procedure.

Your options in sedation at Piney Point OMS include…

  • Local anesthesia: Administered by injection directly into the treatment area to numb the tooth and gum. Local anesthesia takes effect quickly, and the effects may last for several hours after the treatment is complete.
  • IV sedation: A deeper level of relaxation achieved by administering the medication intravenously, usually in the crook of the arm or the back of the hand. Patients remain awake but completely removed from worry about what’s going on around them. IV sedation is adjustable throughout the treatment to ensure it provides the maximum relaxation.
  • General anesthesia: Offers the deepest level of anesthesia achievable, as it helps patients sleep through their treatment. It is administered intravenously and reserved for more complex cases in the office setting. The presence of certain medical conditions may require general anesthesia to be performed in a hospital.

IV sedation and general sedation are usually combined with local anesthesia to provide maximum comfort and safety. The option that is right for you depends on the complexity of the extraction, your health, and your level of anxiety related to undergoing oral surgery. You and your doctor at Piney Point will fully discuss your case to determine which option is best for you to ensure your complete comfort during the wisdom tooth extraction.

Waking Up From Sedation

After your procedure is complete, we will give you plenty of time to gain full awareness as the sedation gradually wears off. Plan to have someone drive you home after your wisdom tooth extraction, as you may remain groggy for the rest of the day after receiving anesthesia. Your doctor will give you special instructions on what to eat, but wait until local anesthesia has completely worn off to consume anything at all — you may bite your cheek or tongue if you eat while your mouth is still numb.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Getting your wisdom teeth extracted doesn’t have to be something to fear or dread, thanks to our options in sedation dentistry. If you’ve been told your third molars need to come out, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your oral surgeon in Houston! Request an appointment today.

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