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Your Third Molars: Why Are They Called Wisdom Teeth?

August 17, 2016

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wisdom teeth

If you have ever experienced pain from the so-called wisdom teeth, you are probably wondering how they earned that name. They sure don’t feel all that wise. And why do we develop wisdom teeth if they just need to be removed, anyway? Your Houston oral surgeon explains everything you ever wanted to know about wisdom teeth in this installment of the Piney Point Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery blog!


Wisdom Teeth Removal: Why Choose an Oral Surgeon?

February 15, 2016

oral surgeonAre your newly-erupted wisdom teeth causing problems like impaction or infection? Are they causing orthodontic issues by crowding your other teeth? There are a number of things that can go wrong when these third molars decide to erupt — and when problems occur, extraction is most often the preferred choice to restore oral health. But who should perform the removal? While a regular dentist is qualified to complete a wisdom tooth extraction, we advise visiting an oral surgeon for expert care with your wisdom teeth removal.